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Learn About the Magic of Matchmaking

Are you single and looking for love?

These days, it’s not only cool to be in love and be happy with your mate…  it’s also cool to be proactive about your search for a mate. 

People are being really creative about finding The One. They’re going online, posting profiles, telling their friends. But for those who don’t want to date within their circle, who are too busy to go online or are turned off by how public that is, another option is hiring a Matchmaker. 

Matchmaking is a popular topic nowadays because it’s such a smart and effective way to meet someone! This old-fashioned method has reemerged as a hip and savvy way to date. 

I’m honored to be a Matchmaker, working with a top agency in San Francisco that offers an exclusive, private and personalized approach to dating -- which is great for singles who don't have the time or inclination to do all of the searching, screening and planning that we can more easily do for them.

Matchmaking is about taking the whole person and finding a match, so we're looking for a physical attraction, yes, but also an intellectual one.  

If you want to work with me so I can help you find that elusive partner you’re searching for, please get in touch!

We offer complimentary dates as well as upgrades for paid services.  I'll fill ya in if you want to know more!

When you're ready, be assured that all potential matches are hand selected....


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