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My Name is Kim...

...and I know that finding the partner who’s right for you requires an artful form of alchemy to craftily transform matter into gold. You provide the material, tell me what really matters to you in love and in life, and with my vision, intuition and shrewd perception, I’ll devote myself to the exciting process of procuring that coveted treasure. It may seem to you like a magical process, though it isn’t about love potions, incantations and mystical invocations. Rather, it’s a combination of my sensible thinking, mindful observations, and inspired inventiveness that aids me in cleverly uncovering your mesmerizing match. Utilizing well-developed techniques, I’ll enthusiastically design choice adventures, ensuring variety and fun, until your bedazzling flame emerges… the one who ignites your heart with spellbinding love. My quest is miracles, and after working with me, you may just feel charmed.

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